Water Filtration

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We are all concerned about the quality and purity of the water we drink, and also know the importance of staying well hydrated by taking in the recommended 9-13 cups of water every day. Filtered water is an excellent and convenient way to be assured of the getting the clean, refreshing drinking water you need.

The Family Vending Company is your best source for providing “bottle-less” filtration. We offer freestanding floor and tabletop models that dispense both hot and cold water on demand. We also carry 5 gallon bottle units. And if you’re on the go, we provide bottled water by the case. Take the worry and hassle out of meeting all your filtered water needs in the most environmentally friendly and low cost way.
At the Family Vending Company we are a one-stop shop for all your vending, coffee, and water filtration needs. A representative will assess your needs, make any necessary water source connections, and clean, filtered water will be there when you want it. We take pride in providing all these services to you, and never contract out.
We realize you have a choice in vending and office coffee service providers. Please let us prove that The Family Vending Company is the best choice around! We serve cities throughout south Florida and the Atlanta area. Please call us at 305-624-5100 or email us at info@thefamilyvendingcompany.com for a free, no obligation consultation. We promise you’ll like what you hear!