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When it comes to snacking, as with many things in life, the secret is moderation. Thanks to new snack companies, through their own products as well as the effect they’ve had on established manufacturers, we can all now enjoy great tasting snacks and beverages that contain reduced fat, sugar, cholesterol, and sodium. Gone are the days where healthy meant bland. It’s amazing what has happened in the past couple years!

Just to give you “a taste” of what’s available today in the heart-healthy area: Snacks including the ever-popular trail mix varieties, baked chips, fruit bars, granola bars – even cookies and candy!
Beverages including a wide variety of plain, sparkling, flavored and enhanced waters, reduced sugar juices, iced tea and more. If you run across a healthy snack or beverage that we haven’t already mentioned, just let us know. We love to get customer requests!

The Family Vending Company gives you:
  • Machines that are set up to make healthier alternative easy to find
  • Participation in the 35–10–35 Healthy Program (assists your employees in making smart snack choices)

We realize you have a choice in vending and office coffee service providers. Please let us prove that The Family Vending Company is the best choice around! We serve cities throughout south Florida and the Atlanta area. Please call us at 305-624-5100 or email us at for a free, no obligation consultation. We promise you’ll like what you hear!