Improve Client Relations With Great Coffee!

coffeebeans_mainThere’s something special about walking into your South Florida workplace and being greeted by the delicious aroma of coffee. Not only does it put a little pep in your step, but you also know you’ll be able to get your day off to a productive start. That is, of course, if your office is equipped with everything it needs for a delicious cup of coffee. If it’s not, it may be hurting your business. 

You may not realize it, but great coffee is an important part of your company’s culture. It not only benefits the employees, but it can also help you build stronger relationships with your clients. How? We’re glad you asked.

Improve Client Relations With Great Coffee

If you leave a bad taste in your client’s mouth, it just may cost you their business. Impressions, especially your first, can make or break a potential client relationship. Make sure to leave a positive impression of you and your South Florida business by giving your clients an exceptional experience. Great office coffee is one of the best ways to foster that impression. If your office is only equipped with cheap, low-quality coffee, maybe they’ll make the connection and assume you don’t care about the details (or your relationship). Don’t let that happen. Offer them the world’s best coffee instead.

Show Your Employees You Care & Give Them Great Office Coffee 

Great office coffee is not just a tool to form great impressions with your clients. It’s also one of the top ways to keep your employees happy. For starters, 60% of employed Americans feel more motivated to do their best work when provided perks in the office. Luckily for you, the most commonly desired office perk is “fresh, free gourmet coffee.” But the importance of great office coffee doesn’t stop there: 37% of employees prefer “free, fresh gourmet coffee over a company’s annual holiday party.” This just goes to show that it’s more important to let your employees know they are appreciated every day instead of once a year. And they’re letting you know that the best way to do that is with great office coffee.

Great Office Coffee Is More Than A Morale Booster – It Also Increases Productivity!

While great office coffee can improve client and employee relations, it can also make your South Florida business run better. Studies have shown that coffee can make one both alert and relaxed, which tells us that it can keep your employees on task longer. Coffee has also been shown to “improve cognitive functions” so your employees won’t just be getting more done, they’ll be producing more quality work.

But your employees already know that coffee gives them the boost they need every day.  One survey, for example, found that 46% of workers claim they are less productive if they don’t drink coffee. Plus 34% need their coffee to help them get through the workday.

Don’t let bad office coffee keep hurting your business. Start providing the world’s best coffee in your South Florida office today!

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Providing your Office Team with a Coffee Service

Business people drinking coffee in office

Let’s face it…without it, your team members will likely make at least one, if not multiple, trips to Starbucks or another coffee shop throughout the day. They’ll yawn through afternoon meetings and, to make it worse, they might groan about their coffee addiction all the while.

And if you’re more analytical, just do the math: If you have an employee that makes $100,000 a year or $50/hour ($65/hour “fully loaded”), that means a 15-minute Starbucks run will cost you $16 of lost productivity.

“If he or she’s making that coffee run two times a day, that’s $160 of lost productivity per week.”

If he or she’s making that coffee run two times a day, that’s $160 of lost productivity per week. So when it comes to keeping 10 engineers caffeinated, the cost a free machine provided by Family Vending with a minimum purchase of only $200-$400 per month your office ends up saving over $200 a month!

It’s more than just that straight productivity. If it costs just a couple hundred dollars to make your team happier and more present, then that coffee machine is a no-brainer.

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The Benefits of Snacking at Work

hungry employeesIt starts about 10:30 am. People begin gazing at the clock, longing for lunch time, the sound of their stomachs grumbling heard faintly in the background of keyboards clicking and phones ringing. It may not seem like much, but that is at least an hour every day that your employees are distracted by hunger, and that is just in the morning. The same thing starts all over again about 3pm. If you are considering adding snacks to your breakroom supplies, here are some benefits that you may not have considered.

  • Greater productivity: Not only will a quick trip to the breakroom for some Lance Crackers satisfy the hunger that threatens to reduce workflow, but workplace snacks can be life savers on busy days. Snacking at work can get someone through a project that demands their time through lunch or later into the evening. When energy flags, an energy jolt from coffee and a small snack can keep productivity high until the job is done.
  • Increased morale: Employees can sometimes feel that nobody notices their efforts or long hours. You can show your employees that you care about them and their comfort by providing them with snacks. Something as simple as bottled water and popcorn will be greatly appreciated by those hard at work. Incidental benefits such as providing breakroom snacks can make a surprisingly significant impact on employee morale.
  • Improved health: Yes, snacking can be good for you! Snacking has suffered from a bad reputation due to the junk food that we often choose to snack on. Providing nutritious snacks like Nature Valley bars helps your workforce stay healthy. Rather than raiding the candy jar, allow your employees to nourish their bodies with what it really needs. Snacking throughout the day, rather than eating three larger meals, is better for our bodies and keeps energy levels constant, avoiding the highs and lows caused by extended periods between meals.

Family Vending is an experienced provider of everything you need for breakroom supplies. No other supplier in South Florida will present you with the customized service required by your business. Coffee, creamer, water, and snacks are greatly appreciated additions to the expected office provisions. Your employees will thank you and your business will reap the benefits of a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

Contact us today to learn more about how they can serve your breakroom supply and snack needs.

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Office Water Service Is An Investment In Productivity

Avoid Workplace Dehydration with Office Water ServicesStudies have suggested that as many as 75% of Americans suffer from dehydration during an average week, meaning that chronic dehydration is one of the more prevalent ills plaguing American workers today. Dehydration is entirely preventable, and the number one way to prevent dehydration is to consume adequate amounts of clean, refreshing water. Many workers neglect this daily need when engaged in their work day, but dehydration can inhibit focus and productivity by causing symptomatic fatigue, exhaustion, and even confusion.

Family Vending’s Office water service is a simple way to ensure employee wellness and productivity. Providing water coolers or on demand filtered water to your workforce is an investment in the health and welfare of your number one resource. Hydration promotes eye health in those who use a computer all day, stamina in those who work on their feet, focus and memory for anyone whose job is detail oriented, even a clear, attractive voice to those who close sales or communicate with customers.

Family Vending’s Office Water Services provide one of the most cost-effective routes to health and wellness in your workforce, ensuring that your business has the means to avoid the deleterious effects that dehydration inevitably wreaks on any business.

Sign up for the best service for you and enjoy healthy hydration with quality water delivered directly to your place of business by contacting Family Vending for your office water.


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Buy The Employees Lunch with Catered- 2 -Go

catering to go

Employers at many cutting edge companies have discovered that today’s best employees are captured by sometimes surprisingly simple benefits. While some can be lured into dedication with 401k options and good health insurance, others are most excited about benefits that affect their day-to-day life, and one major factor in daily happiness is food!

Many modern offices are providing their employees free lunch often through food delivery services. By having healthy and satisfying food delivered to your office, you build a sense of family in the workplace, resulting in surprising outcomes.

Offices that provide free lunch to their employees as a benefit often see a rise in productivity as employees that would normally leave the building for lunch are more likely to spend less time on lunch. The shared experience of lunch as a benefit encourages stronger teams and enhances team-building. This sense of unity encourages employee retention because employees feel they are a part of a family or other closer-knit group identity.

Further, providing lunch to your employees either by food delivery or office catering can also be a tax deduction. Consult with your accountant to see how spending money on delivered food for employees lunches can actually save you money.

Get Catered 2 Go Office Lunch Services With Family

If you think that the benefit of subsidized or free lunch is something that your employees would benefit from directly, then look no further than OfficeCoffee to help you find office food delivery or catering services.

Experience the boost to moral and the team-building potential of sharing lunch as an organization, and show your employees that their well-being is your priority with office catering and delivered food from Family Vending that provides top quality food with the exceptional convenience of delivery.

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Pairing Coffee and Love

Valentine’s Day. You can smell the love in the air! Or is it just Community Coffee brewing? We consistently talk about coffee pairings and it only makes sense to provide Valentine’s Day perfect pairings for you and your perfect match.

Here are some irresistible combinations for you and your special someone.


Here are some irresistible combinations for you and your special someone.

Here’s a duo to help you start your Valentine’s morning off right. It only makes sense to try our Breakfast Blend and blueberry pancakes as a morning delight. Breakfast is right there in the title. You can also impress your honey with the rich yet smooth taste of medium-dark roast Café Special®. Pair it with your favorite breakfast foods like cinnamon scones or sausage casserole.

Community® coffee Dark Roast and brownies are a perfect combination to get you through the day. The rich chocolate in this treat plays very well with the full-bodied and smoky taste of this coffee. If you’d like a less smoky flavor, pair rich chocolate desserts with premium dark roast coffees, like our Dark Roast Signature Blend.

Our Café Special blends well with a creamy dessert like coconut custard or bananas foster. Creamy desserts and sweet cakes, such as cheesecake work well with this semi-sweet, full-bodied medium-dark roast coffee.

In folklore, strawberries are considered to be the fruit of love and are claimed to be able to attract new love and to renew old love. Regardless, there’s no denying that strawberries are a delicious fruit that can be enjoyed fresh from the field or baked into pies and coffee cakes. When pairing your passion fruit in a pastry or pie, consider the fragrant, sweet and smooth flavor of our Breakfast Blend to complement your fruited cuisine.

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How To Find A Better Coffee Delivery Business

coffee cupTake a minute to walk into your business’s break room. Have a good look at your current coffee maker. Is it an old urn from the 1980s with a brown stained interior that, were it cut into, would indicate its age via rings much like those found in tree trunks? How’s the coffee in your break room? Could it pass for potting soil, or is it something that you are truly excited to drink? Imagine serving it to a potential client during a meeting. What does it say about your company, about the standards it holds itself to?

If you read that last paragraph and determined that your current coffee delivery business is leaving you in the lurch, then now is the time that you should think about upgrading to a better coffee delivery business, one that can meet your needs to satisfaction and offer you coffee of a caliber that would instill pride and excitement in the coffee drinkers amongst your employees.

Utilize Family Vending for Coffee Service!

Perhaps your company has been using the same coffee delivery business for your coffee needs for longer than anyone who works there can remember; perhaps that coffee delivery business was the best of the best a decade or two ago. If nobody can remember why you use the coffee delivery business that you currently do, then it is about time for an upgrade!

Please call us at (954) 752-4925 or email us at for a free, no obligation consultation. We promise you’ll like what you hear!

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NEW Item Hits South Florida- Steel Horse Coffee

steelhorsesmallbannerSteel Horse Coffee is a powerhouse in a single cup of coffee. The engineers at Mars Drinks designed this coffee with cocoa, which contains flavanols. The combination of caffeine and flavanols is designed to provide stamina for your body as well as a focus for your mind.

Steel Horse Coffee has its own unique blend and has very rich notes–it’s like no other coffee we have tried. This single cup serving of coffee is so good that it has become a hit with everyone we have talked to about it. Many of our customers are very pleased that Mars Drinks and Alterra have given ear to the people in South Florida who use these brewing systems and who wanted another very intense single cup of coffee.

When you open the box of Steel Horse Coffee you will see a little card that states, “Made for the Creation 400 Drink Station,” but we assure you this coffee will work in any Flavia Coffee Brewing System. It will work in the Fusion, SB-100, Creation 150, Creation 200, and of course, the Creation 400.

Steel Horse Coffee is the only coffee of its kind. It is so unique that Mars Drinks has patented the single cup filter packet. It is the very first hot power/energy drink on the market anywhere. I have a feeling that this may replace some peoples’ need to buy cold energy drinks. The energy of this unique coffee comes from the cocoa within. Steel horse coffee will benefit you from a healthy perspective, from your head to your toes. Steel Horse Coffee was designed to increase your blood flow as well as increase your point of focus.

If you are the person out there who misses the Intense Roast coffee that Mars Drinks discontinued, then Steel Horse is going to make your day! To place an order online, visit

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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Coffee

caffeinated_cities_smallEveryone looks forward to waking up in the morning to enjoy a cup of coffee. Or perhaps take that much needed break away from the desk and sip on a hot cup of Joe before heading back to work. Coffee is a soothing treat after a big meal out with friends. Coffee, whether it’s decaf or regular, is enjoyed all over the world.

Coffee is so prevalent in most countries that it would be difficult not to find a Starbucks on the corner or Folgers Instant in a market wherever you are. While not many people actually make coffee, most tend to know that it comes from another country and contains lots of caffeine. But coffee is a very interesting commodity, with a lot of facts that most consumers are unaware of.

Here are 5 interesting things you probably didn’t know about coffee:

1. Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world. Apart from water, coffee is the most sought after beverage and has been consumed in some form for over 1,000 years.

2. Coffee is grown all over the world. Coffee is grown in over 50 countries, but the one place it’s not grown is on the mainland of the United States. This is due to the climate and growing conditions being unsuitable. Hawaii is the only state in the country that can and does produce coffee.

3. Coffee is one of the most heavily traded commodities in the world. Coffee comes second only to oil as the most traded commodity. The reason coffee is so much cheaper is that it can be regenerated over and over again, whereas oil is a precious resource.

4. Coffee beans are not really beans. Botanically speaking, coffee beans are actually berries. They grow on trees that take about five years to reach maturity.

5. Coffee only affects the body up to a certain point. The coffee fans out there who think having 10 cups a day is what keeps you going is not true. After a certain number of cups have been drunk, typically four depending on the individual, consuming more will provide no further stimulation. Have your four and call it a day. :)

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Replace Office Water Cooler: A Possible Safety Investment

water cooler fireThe office water cooler is a steadfast part of office culture. It’s the place where casual conversation occurs and office friendships are sparked, but for one office in Miami, the office water cooler was the source of a business-halting inferno. The Miami fire department has concluded that the office fire was caused by a faulty heating element in the office water cooler.

That steadfast officemate, the water cooler, is one piece of office equipment that is easy to forget about replacing. It doesn’t start to jam paper like so many other machines in the office, but the technology behind water coolers does improve with time, much as any piece of office equipment does.

Replacing office water coolers may seem like a low priority to many businesses. It’s a priority this Miami office is certain to wish they had observed.

Replace Office Water Coolers with Family Vending
Please call us at (954) 752-4925 or email us at for a free, no obligation consultation. We promise you’ll like what you hear! We promise to supply you with the information that you need to find an office water cooler that is safe and up to modern standards of water heating and cooling safety.

After all, cool, clear water is what you want from your water cooler, not fire.

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